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"I couldn't be more excited about the new mobile look that theFEED has brought us! I think it's safe to say that we have all been waiting for this much needed update. With mobile at the forefront of reader experience, it's even more important to have an aesthetic that you are proud to present your readers with. It's no surprise that chloédigital and rewardStyle have made another gigantic leap with theFEED!"


"My husband and I knew that everything was going mobile but with our schedule, running a blog, and having a full time jobs we didn’t put the time and energy into making sure our mobile site was user friendly. Not only is it just our blog posts on theFEED, it’s our instagram, and my shopping faves. After a couple of my friends saw my mobile site they called me and were like 'we love how easy it is too look at all the new updates from our iPhones' and that they actually thought I redid my website."

Amy Wells

"Since I installed theFEED I have been so much happier with how my site looks on a mobile. It is so user friendly & I love how it allows me to highlight my favorite things that are going on with my social media & blog."


How long does it take to setup?

When you receive your instruction email after signing up, it should take no longer than 20 minutes to get your mobile site LIVE!

What happens to my desktop site?

Nothing! theFEED only transforms what your readers see on their phones.

Is theFEED for and blog sites?

theFEED is for sites only, these are self-hosted and allow for external plugins. If you are using Wordpress and unsure which one you are using then in most cases, if you can go here, and sign into your blog, then your blog is self-hosted and theFEED is compatiable. If you need further clarification drop us a line at

What if my blog is not on Wordpress at all?

Oh dear! theFEED is for users only at this time. Have you ever thought about making the switch? We can help you if need be, drop us a line at

What if I already have a mobile site for my blog?

You can still download theFEED and override or replace your current mobile site with this one.

What if I am not a rewardStyle publisher?

You must be a member of rewardStyle to use theFEED, click here to apply.

What does this cost?

It is free to download! We earn a small portion of your commission (14%) on each mobile transaction from your rewardStyle shop widgets. If you do not make any mobile sales, you do not pay anything.